Apple iPhone 3G 2.0 iPod Touch Unlock 8GB 16GB 32GB A

Apple iPhone Cell phone with digital camera / digital player 8 GB

With a push of your finger, the crystal clear 3.5-inch widescreen display acknowledges your command to go from the contact list screen to voicemail screen. This unique form of interaction turns you into a pilot or commandeer of some vessel directing your way to a desired destination.

Apple’s forward thinking innovations don’t stop at the touch screen technology. Taking a cue from their iMac computer products, they have an integrated menu system which uses recognizable pictures as the icons through which different screens are accessed.

For example, to access your photos just touch the big sunflower, from there you can browse them using the Cover Flow system and then insert them into a text message or email with the flick of a finger.

To access the 2-mega pixel camera and take a picture of some amazing sight you just have to send your friends, click on the camera shutter and you’ll be able to utilize the camera within seconds.

Connecting to the browser is as easy as pulling up the Safari browser which is accessed by clicking the compass. Through Wi-Fi or Edge wireless networks you can quickly connect to the internet.

When it comes time to checking voicemails, the iPhone introduces an easy to use technology called Visual Voicemail. This prioritizes the important messages by allowing you to see all listed voicemails by the caller and choose whose you’d like to listen to first. This way when you see a message from your children you can be sure to listen to it before getting to your business messages.